A miracle Called Rocío

By Maria | Dec 16, 2019

“Just last week, we opened the doors of the first Wakami Embassy in Antigua Guatemala, a place where citizens of the world can dream together, connect, think, and work on creating the world we want to live in. We invited our friends and their families to the opening celebration, those who have walked this journey …

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Momentos Claves

By Maria | Jan 21, 2019

Vivimos momentos históricos. Instantes que dependiendo de lo que elijamos y apoyemos, determinarán el futuro de Guatemala. Como guatemalteca, hay cosas que creo necesario expresar y compartir. Estudié biología y ahora, soy empresaria. Como bióloga, tenía interés en recuperar ecosistemas. Sin embargo, al entrar en contacto con familias del área rural, me di cuenta de …

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When You Come Full Circle

By Maria | Dec 13, 2018

I love this picture – a one-year-old boy, carrying a tree to be planted in a village of Guatemala. This picture is an example of coming full circle for me.  As a 25-year old biologist, I wanted to work with rural communities by planting trees, cleaning rivers, recovering ecosystems. However, when I started working with …

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By Maria | Sep 23, 2018

Cuando Nico, mi hijo, estaba en el colegio, yo estaba preocupada.  Nico, al  nacer, había aspirado meconio y estuvo grave los primeros días de vida.  Yo estaba preocupada por su futuro.  Cuando Nico fue al colegio por primera vez, sacó notas regulares.  Entonces, fui a hablar con la psicóloga del colegio, para ver si yo …

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Purpose through Wakami

By Maria | Sep 21, 2018

  Some of our friends shared with us how they found purpose in Wakami: “Wakami for me represents a brand that has instilled in me sense of passion and obligation to provide opportunities to communities to build skills to improve their daily lives” – Stephanie Liu     “I know it as a system that sustainably …

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Why Guatemala?

By Maria | Sep 19, 2018

When I think of Guatemala, several things come to mind. The first one and the one I connect with the most is that I see Guatemala as the LAND OF SACREDNESS. There are many challenges in Guatemala.  You name them – they exist.  We have environmental challenges, health challenges, educational challenges, democratic challenges, transparency challenges. …

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The Power of Partnerships and Collective Dreams

By Maria | Aug 13, 2018

From rural Guatemalan women with big dreams and little education who learned to generate income by making bracelets to their daughters now attending college and working for corporations . . . it’s been an amazing journey . . . all because of the power of dreams and partnerships. With pride and gratefulness, we can say …

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New Beginnings

By Maria | Jul 30, 2018

One of my favorite things is waking up in the morning, because a whole new day is in front of us.  It’s the opportunity to live what we hope for.  In my case, it is to be present, to enjoy rather than to worry, to be grateful rather than thinking of what I am missing, …

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The Story Of The Earth

By Maria | Apr 27, 2018

Once upon a time, the earth was created. Then the sun, the stars, water and air, plants and animals, boys and girls were created, but something was missing, a connection between them all… therefore LOVE was created, connecting everything on EARTH!!!   This is the version of The Story of the Earth that we now …

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