Purpose, Prosperity, Hope


Wakami is a social system that connects rural communities to global markets in order to generate income and transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity.

Wakami is conformed by two organizations that work hand in hand: an NGO that gives professional training to rural groups of women and a social business that designs and exports handmade products made by these women for the global market. Wakami is also a handmade fashion accessories brand used to market our products in 20 countries around the world.

Our mission is to provide products and services that inspire, share stories, generate hope, communicate emotions and transform communities.

Transforming Lives



The Wakami system implements the Inclusive Business Methodology, which incubates, establishes, and strengthens rural business mainly led by rural women through nine training cycles conducted over a two-year time span. Moreover, the Smart Investment Methodology – a platform that provides access to products and services – allows rural families to invest their income strategically in order to improve their homes and their children’s education and nutrition.

By implementing its double methodology, Wakami seeks to achieve 5 goals:

  1. consolidate the product supply through business strengthening, productivity improvement and growth of rural businesses, as well as the incubation of new businesses
  2. follow the latest market trends and expand to new markets in different countries
  3. improve the quality of life of the families living in the rural communities where we operate
  4. monitor and evaluate our impact for continuous improvement
  5. knowledge management

Wakami works with allies such as BID/FOMIN, ICCO, Rotary International, Smile Together Foundation, The Sinapi Foundation, Fundación Juan Bautista Gutierrez, Fundación Castillo Cordova, Global Goods Partners, GreaterGood.org, Sustainable Preservation Initiative, Arrocera Los Corrales, Pathways to Prosperity, Pomona Impact, Chivas The Venture, Agropecuaria Luisiana and USAID.


Wakami’s products are meant to inspire the people who use them and transform the lives of the ones who produce them. transforming lives María Pacheco is the founder of Wakami, a fashion-accessory social business connecting rural communities with global markets. This connection is achieved through a system that allows female entrepreneurs to generate income and sustained prosperity in rural communities of Guatemala and of other countries facing similar challenges. Wakami has recently placed third among the 27 best social businesses of the world in the Chivas The Venture competition. María was also honoured by Dian Von Furstenberg for empowering and transforming the lives of more than 500 women through the Wakami System with the DVF International award on 2016.