Power of Dreaming

If I had to define one of the most important forces in my life, I would say it is the power of dreaming. This idea is used so much that sometimes it feels like it has lost its power. But not for me, not for the team I work with, not for the 500 families […]

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Why Guatemala

When I think of Guatemala, several things come to mind. The first one and the one I connect with the most is that I see Guatemala as the LAND OF SACREDNESS. There are many challenges in Guatemala.  You name them – they exist.  We have environmental challenges, health challenges, educational challenges, democratic challenges, transparency challenges. Yet

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New Beginnings

One of my favorite things is waking up in the morning, because a whole new day is in front of us.  It’s the opportunity to live what we hope for.  In my case, it is to be present, to enjoy rather than to worry, to be grateful rather than thinking of what I am missing, to exercise,

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When You Come Full Circle

I love this picture – a one-year-old boy, carrying a tree to be planted in a village of Guatemala. This picture is an example of coming full circle for me.  As a 25-year old biologist, I wanted to work with rural communities by planting trees, cleaning rivers, recovering ecosystems. However, when I started working with

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